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Bookings for community classes can be made during business hours at the GBWCT office.








Community Facilities

  • Community Classes
  • Pottery Studio
  • One-to-one Tuition
  • Room Hire

Community Classes

The Workcentre has a special interest in providing opportunities for Community Participation in their courses.

These offer the opportunity to get first class tuition, for a reasonable participation cost.

The Golden Bay Workcentre Trust is pleased to acknowledge funding support from: United Way logo
These funds have enabled the Workcentre to offer a variety of courses.

Please contact the GB Workcentre to book 525 8099

Pottery Studio

Golden Bay Pottery ClubGolden Bay Pottery Club

Potter Sabina Wick and co-organiser Martine Baanvinger have set up the Golden Bay Pottery Club at the Golden Bay Workcentre to accommodate potters at all levels. The idea is to get people with the same interest together, to provide a space where they can work and ask questions, get help if needed and socialise while being creative, said Martine Baanvinger.

The club runs yearly workshops with professional potters for the community and the club members. And throughout the year the club invites experienced potters to demonstrate specific techniques and tricks of the trade to the club members on club nights. "The idea behind this is to get inspired and keep learning. People who are interested to become a member are very welcome to visit a club night (first time is free) to find out what it is all about. And when they decide to become a member they get a key for the studio which is available for members six days a week. Club night is every Tuesday evening at 7pm and a yearly membership is $95," explained Martine, "A kiln, electric wheels, glazes and tools are at the Golden Bay Pottery studio for members to use and clay can be purchased on club nights."

The Golden Bay Pottery Club warmly welcomes new members to come and play with clay, explore and learn, get inspired and meet great people.

The Workcentre offers a variety of programmes for learners who thrive best in a one-to-one learning environment. The main tutors are: Brian Weston (computing), Ali "Firecracker" Harris (Literacy and Numeracy Skills) and Simon Shaw (driving instruction and firearms safety).

Brian Weston

Brian WestonBrian has been engaged with the GBWCT since 1998, mainly as a computer tutor under a variety of FFTO funded programmes. He likes to specialise in working with students who have little or no prior computer knowledge. Brian enjoys both one-to-one tuition for students with unique learning requirements and working with small groups via the Trust's Community Classess programme (Making Friends with Your Computer), and the MSD funded Training for Work programmes.


Simon Shaw

Simon Shaw

Simon is a Qualified LTNZ driving instructor and Mountain Safety firearms instructor.

The Workcentre likes to fully utilise its facilities. As well as meeting the needs of its long-term tenants, the Workcentre offers rooms for hire. Contact Simon in the office to arrange casual hire of available facilities. Two of our rooms are shown below:

  • Front lounge for hireThe Front Lounge is a comfortable setting for the running of small meetings and is available for community hire. Also available is an overhead projector and portable white screen. A data projector can also be hired from the Community Workers, at the nearby Community Centre.

  • The Farside Room is also available for hire, and contains tea-making facilities, tables and chairs, making it ideal for the running of small practical courses.

    Floral course in the Farside room